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Term Condition

Budget Holiday Tours


Any tour vouchers, coupons or tickets issued in respect to our activities are issued when you agree to all conditions of the contract and all terms and conditions of tour operators, public carriers and any other involved in providing your activities. Copies of this terms and conditions can be shared on request. If you make a booking for an activity or purchase a voucher, we will regard you as you are accepting these conditions of contract.

Payment & Refund

The entire payment for an activity should be made during the booking. If you fail to pay the price of the activity a minimum of 2 days before the activity scheduled date, we will be forced to cancel the activity without any notice. In case of cancellations, no refund will be paid for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the starting of an activity. If you fail to show up at the allocated location for an activity within the departure time duration, will be considered as no show & no refund will be given - we will charge 100% of the actual amount paid.


We are entitled to change, omit or cancel any part of our activities for which a booking has been made at our sole discretion with or without any prior notice to you. Because of the environment in which certain activities take place, delays or cancellations may arise because of factors beyond our/suppliers’ control like the weather, sickness, governmental restrictions, etc. If such situations arise, we may refund the entire or partial amount at the discretion of us or our suppliers.

Hazards and dangers

We believe that you fully comprehend and accept the possible hazards and dangers that can be involved with some of the activities. You are fully responsible of confirming that you are physically and mentally capable of taking part in the specific activity. You also agree to obey the instructions (provided in English) of any leader during the activity. If the leaders’ opinion is that your involvement due to behavior or physical condition is damaging to the safety of the entire group or if the leader is of opinion that your overall well-being will be at risk by taking part in the activity, you will be asked to refrain from participating without any refund of the price.

UAE Visas

Visa approval or rejection is solely dependent on the Immigration Authority’s decisions, so no refund will be provided if the visa gets rejected. And also, we have dedicated terms and conditions published for our UAE visit visa and extension services as well. If you are overstaying while holding a UAE residence visa you will be fined 50 AED after your 30-day grace period is over. Additionally, you will also be charged the leave permit issuance application fee along with some other fees at the time of exit. If you are overstaying while holding a Tourist visa, you will be charged 50 AED for each consecutive day of overstaying and 250-350 AED amount will be charged as an exit permit at the clearance of overstaying fines. These fines will have to be settled at the immigration before exit. Upon receiving your visa please check the visa thoroughly and get back to us within 24 hours if there are any errors. If you fail to do so, the company will not be responsible of any typing errors or immigration issues as certain country immigrations are very particular with information.


We put our maximum efforts to provide you insurance in all the activities we conduct. Desert tours have 3 rd party insurance and you are not required to purchase any additional insurance to coverup sudden mishaps. Some activities like skydiving in Dubai don’t come with insurance, so if you wish to have 3 rd party or personal accident insurance cover, make sure to arrange it beforehand.